Top Running Myths

Top running myths

Running is an excellent way to burn calories while maintaining your cardiovascular health. Some people truly enjoy the rush of endorphins they experience during a good run, but many more run simply because it is the most accessible cardio workout available. Given the wide range of people who engage in running as a regular part … Read more Top Running Myths

The Best Exercises for Your Bad Knees

Best exercises for bad knees

In terms of biological engineering, our knees are quite incredible. Whether you’re running after a bus, jumping rope with your kids, or helping a friend move, your knees are constantly working to keep you mobile and active. Unfortunately, the fact that they are responsible for so much means that they are also often the first … Read more The Best Exercises for Your Bad Knees

ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline

Man with knee bandage and crutch for ACL surgery recovery

Suffering a serious injury to your ACL can be extremely physically painful. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) plays a crucial role in the functionality of your knee. Therefore, an injury to such a vital part of your body can mean a lot of downtime and refraining from physical activity altogether. For minor cases, rest and/or … Read more ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline