Man with knee bandage and crutch for ACL surgery recovery

ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline

Suffering a serious injury to your ACL can be extremely physically painful. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) plays a crucial role in the functionality of your knee. Therefore, an injury to such a vital part of your body can mean a lot of downtime and refraining from physical activity altogether. For minor cases, rest and/or physical therapy may be recommended. However, for more severe cases, surgery is often best. For more information on the details of ACL surgery recovery, contact an expert orthopedic surgeon in Washington DC at Dr. Stein’s office today.

How Will I Know if I Injured my ACL?

The knee plays a pivotal role in both the movement and balance of your body. There are multiple ligaments connected to the knee, each having a specific purpose. However, there are a few key things to look out for regarding an injury to the ACL. The first sign is a loud “pop” in the knee following a sudden movement. This often happens to athletes because of the sudden starts, stops, and turns that happen throughout the game.

Second, take note of any severe pain. This is one of the most common symptoms of an injury to the ACL. This pain may cause you to not be able to continue any activity or may not allow you to put any weight on that leg. Next, rapid swelling may occur following the injury. If you have injured your knee and think that it may be related to your ACL, then seek immediate care from an orthopedic surgeon. The sooner you receive a diagnosis, the sooner proper treatment can begin.

ACL Surgery Information

According to a recent study from Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine, about 80% of patients with ACL injuries will need to undergo surgery in order to have a full recovery. While each patient is treated individually based on the details of their injury, there are a few things that you can expect across the board. First, Dr. Stein prioritizes all non-surgical treatment options (i.e. no further physical activity).

If non-invasive treatment options fail, then you may need surgery. For example, if you wish to get back to active sports, then surgery will be the most effective way to returning. Also, if more than just the ACL has been injured then surgery may be required. To get more information on the details of the ACL surgery recovery, visit Dr. Stein.

ACL Surgery Recovery

For many athletes, the thought of taking time off to recover from the surgery is a deterrent. Since the knee is a complicated part of the body, emphasis on a healthy ACL surgery recovery is of the utmost importance. Generally, a six-month time period between the surgery and full recovery can be expected. Pushing yourself too quickly following the surgery can aggravate and re-injure the area, so taking the time to completely focus on healing is expected.

Experiencing an injury to your ACL can be extremely painful. If you have been diagnosed by a medical professional and tried all other treatment options to no avail, then it may be time to consider ACL surgery. Dr. Stein is a top orthopedic surgeon and specializes in injury prevention and treatment. To schedule an appointment and get more information on the ACL surgery recovery process, contact our team today!