Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Benjamin E. Stein is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. Board certification means that Dr. Stein is highly qualified and considered an expert in the field of orthopedic medicine. Are you looking for a foot and ankle specialist in Washington D.C. that uses the most current surgical techniques? Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Stein’s approach to diagnosing and correcting medical issues related to your feet and ankles.
The specialty of orthopaedics involves the musculoskeletal system, which includes the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The human ankle absorbs more day to day impact than almost any other part of the body. Not only must it be flexible and move with ease, but it must also be durable. The ankles must be able to hold up your body weight times five due to the force of walking. Cartilage is the portion of the musculoskeletal system that cushions this region. When it breaks down, pain arises and makes movement difficult.

What happens when cartilage begins to break down? Well, diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, or some break, stress or injury may occur. There are numerous options for treating this all-important section of your foot, including fusion, debridement, and joint replacement or reconstruction.

Ankle Fusion Surgery

Dr. Stein performs foot and ankle fusion on the bones to reduce pain in the region. This orthopaedic surgery is best for patients who are relatively young and want to participate in various high impact sports. To relieve pain, Dr. Stein may implant devices such as metal rods, pins, and screws to hold the muscles in place. Often a fragment of the internal joint is removed, and the remaining bones become joined.

Debridement of the Ankle

Ankle debridement is a surgical procedure that involves repairing the cartilage near the ankle joints. Dr. Stein typically performs an arthroscopic procedure, meaning that he uses a medical tool called an arthroscope to view, diagnose, and correct the issue. This arthroscope is similar to a camera that takes photos and places them on a computer screen in the operating room for the medical team to see. Loose, diseased, or damaged segments are removed to alleviate painful conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Foot and Ankle Joint Replacement

Only an orthopaedic surgeon such as Dr. Stein should perform foot replacement surgery. The most common joints that become diseased and require replacement include the hips, knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders. When these areas become so painful that they are interfering with your life in terms of movement, sleeping, and mood, it’s time to take action. To perform joint replacement surgery, Dr. Stein removes the damaged portions and replaces them with an artificial ball and joint made of ceramic or metal. These materials are designed to be readily accepted by the human body and to retain strength and durability for decades.

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The human foot, ankle, and leg are all crucial components of our human anatomy. Hence, they allow ease of movement. When any of these body parts no longer function properly because of disease or pain, it is time to schedule an appointment with Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stein.

Most people may not realize how many daily movements require a stable and robust foot musculoskeletal system. Often, it is not until they experience an injury or disease in their feet and ankles they come to this realization. Walking, running, standing up, driving, dancing, and any other movement that requires the use of your legs, ankles, and feet must be pain-free to get you headed in the direction you are ready to go! Dr. Stein will help you get you moving again.