The Benefits of Bunion Surgery

A bunion occurs when your big toe begins to turn and face your second toe. This makes your bone turn inward, and then you are left with an unsightly, and excruciating bump. Your chances of getting a bunion increases as you get older. Also the condition is more prevalent in women. Bunions often start off as a small, bothersome foot problem. However, in a short time, a bunion becomes large and extremely painful. Next, Dr. Stein will explain several practical benefits of bunion removal surgery.

Do you have discomfort and sharp pain in your foot? Does the pain seem like it will never go away? If you do, there is a good chance you have been suffering from a bunion.  It is time to schedule an appointment with board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stein. Only then will you know if bunion surgery is necessary or if there is a less invasive treatment option.

Do I need Bunion Surgery?

If you have had a bunion, you know what acute pain they inflict. Initially, the pain may start off as more of an irritant, but in a short time, it is unbearable. Often, people choose to ignore it and hope it goes away. Or they try over the counter solutions to help manage their foot pain. Dr. Stein sees many patients who wear bigger shoes or use insoles or padding. However, this will not stop the bunion from growing. As time passes, bunion removal surgery is often the only medical option available.

Nobody wants to have foot surgery. In fact, most of us would avoid it at any cost. But, ignoring the issue will only make it worse. Dr. Stein often tells patients it is the best thing to remove the bunion, get rid of your pain, and walk normally again. It is a short-term sacrifice for a long-term benefit with bunion removal surgery.

Walk with confidence.

Let’s face it, bunions are not attractive. In fact, they are downright unsightly. Many patients tell Dr. Stein they feel self-conscious because of the appearance of their feet and refuse to wear sandals or other warm-weather friendly footwear. Also, as time goes by, the bunion will grow, causing your big toe to turn in and basically reshape your foot in an even more unattractive manner. If bunion surgery is right for you, Dr. Stein will remove this deformity, relieve you of foot pain, as well give you an attractive-looking foot again.

Wear shoes you like.

Do you like to buy shoes? Are you limited by your choices because of your bunion? Well, this is another frequent complaint of patients suffering from bunions. When you have a significant nodule on your foot, shoe shopping is out of the question. Ignoring your bunion often leaves you with only being able to get shoes that fit from a specialty shoe store. Getting your painful bunion surgically removed can change your outlook on buying shoes, which in turn improves your overall mental health.

Be active again after Bunion Surgery

Dealing with a large, bothersome bunion prohibits many of your daily activities. More so than you may realize. Many people have suffered so long, and the pain is so severe they no longer go to the gym, exercise, or participate in recreational sports and activities they once enjoyed. So, maybe you may have tried padding, bigger shoes, or even received injections for pain, but nothing is helping. It is time to meet with Dr. Stein to discuss bunion removal surgery. Dr. Stein is here to get you back on your feet and moving in the right direction!