Man stretching and doing injury prevention exercises

Practice These Injury Prevention Exercises to Stay at 100%

Sustaining an injury is a big deal for the body, no matter how large or small it is. When you become physically injured, especially around the feet or ankles, it can be a long trek to recovery. It’s a lot easier to practice prevention than treatment, so you can stay in tip-top shape without having to worry about hurting yourself. Dr. Stein is an orthopedics and sports medicine specialist who has developed a series of strength training exercises that work specifically on injury prevention. Check out the following injury prevention exercises to stay on top of your physical health needs.

Do Your Stretches

First and foremost, you should not be engaging in any physical activity without doing the proper amount of stretches first. Stretching is what keeps your body flexible, so you can work on your form while adapting your body to different poses. Pay special attention to your calves, hips, and thighs, which can really open up the hips and waist. Make sure to get in touch with your pain management specialist if you feel any tightness or resistance to the stretching. Among most injury prevention exercises, stretching is most commonly forgotten.

Pump up Your Agility

If you are engaged in physical activities such as sports, you need to learn how to utilize agility properly. Otherwise, you risk injuring your ankles and knees. When you run and swiftly need to change direction, make sure your knees are always facing outwards and are directly over your ankles. Twisting your body too quickly to change direction can result in a lot of pain if not done right. STACK states that ankle stiffness can make or break your game – and Dr. Stein agrees. Always pay attention to the type of stiffness in your ankles and check in with your ankle specialist to determine if you have an injury or not.

Jump and Land Correctly

Jumping up and down can really put a physical toll on the lower body, especially on the knees and ankles. When thinking of injury prevention exercises, consider the way you jump. And when you jump, learn how to do so the right way:

  • When jumping straight up, try to spring upwards and then land with your feet and knees facing in front of you – straight ahead.
  • Do not knock your knees together at any point for any reason.
  • Jump in front of someone and let them analyze your form, making sure your knees and legs are straight each time you land.
  • Let your knees bend slightly when you land, but don’t let them buckle.

Jumping up and down may not seem like it’s helping you exercise your strength, but training your body to take on certain positions rather than collapsing can save you from injuring your lower half.

Stick to Just a Few Exercises

When you are training, especially strength training, it may seem like you have to do a lot of things at once. You may want to do a lot of things at once. But it’s imperative that you stick with just a few exercises per workout in order to really build up strength in key areas. Remember, it’s most important to protect your ankles and knees during exercise, so working on those points, in particular, can help you prevent injury in the long run. According to Pain Science, less is not less when it comes to strength training. Injury prevention exercises are all about focus and growth!

Check-in With Your Orthopaedic Surgeon in Washington DC

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