Orthopedist checking do bunions get worse?

Do Bunions Get Worse Over Time?

Bunions are seriously painful bumps on the foot that affect nearly 3 million people per year. Dealing with bunions is no walk in the park, as the bony bumps interfere with your ability to walk, move, and enjoy a good quality of life. Do bunions get worse if left untreated?

These deformities can be corrected with progressive bunion surgery, although there are other ways to prevent bunions from getting worse. Dr. Stein is a top orthopedic foot and ankle specialist in Washington DC. He offers advanced orthopedics and sports medicine solutions to get your physical health back on track as soon as possible. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the ways that bunions do get worse over time, and what you can do to prevent that from happening.

How do Bunions Form?

Bunions grow when the joint between the big toe and the foot, which protrudes outwards, starts to become misaligned and inflamed. This causes the joint to get stiff, and it causes pain, especially when trying to put shoes on.

Bunions can grow as the inflamed joint is a cause of fluid buildup. The more the fluid builds up, the larger the bunion. And, respectively, the more painful the bunion will be. People who wear very narrow shoes are susceptible to bunions as the narrow footwear causes the big toe joint to get squished and squeezed.

Do bunions get worse? If no medical attention is sought after, the bunion will worsen over time as the joint continues to be inflamed.

Home Remedies for Bunion Pain Relief

Unfortunately, many patients tend to believe that bunion pain will just go away after a while. This is largely not the case. In most instances, bunions will cause more and more pain, to the point where it may be unbearable.

Once a bunion has developed, you’re bound to notice right away. In fact, you will soon become uncomfortable and feel pain when trying to walk around. The pain will be exacerbated if you continue to wear narrow or uncomfortable shoes. Harvard Health suggests finding a better-fitting shoe as quickly as possible before the bunions worsen.

Good shoes are those that will not force your weight to the front of your foot (heels, for example, often do this). You also need softer materials, such as leather or moleskin, that can cushion the inflamed area while you walk.

Bunion Treatment Options

Dr. Stein offers several different treatments and solutions for bunion relief. It’s important to schedule a consultation with him so he can recommend the appropriate treatment. If your bunion is still relatively small, you may be given pain relievers and a cortisone injection to reduce inflammation.

However, if you’ve waited a while and the bunion pain is worsening, you need to consult with a specialist about bunion removal surgery. Dr. Stein offers progressive and highly successful surgery options for those whose bunions are affecting their ability to live everyday lives. If you are no longer on your feet due to high amounts of bunion pain, then it’s imperative that you seek surgery as soon as possible. The worse the pain gets, the more irreversible damage will be done to your foot.

Do Bunions Get Worse? Most Likely.

If you have any amount of discomfort or pain in your foot, especially around the protuberance on your big toe, it’s important to get in touch with a bunion specialist right away. The longer you wait, the worse the pain will get. While some conservative treatments can be made to lessen the pain and stem inflammation, bunion surgery is still a very real possibility. Break down the benefits of bunion surgery and inquire about a consultation by getting in touch with us online. You can also call our Washington, D.C. office at (202) 835-2222!